He Korowai

A Cloak of Care
and Support

Te Kāika provides high-quality, low-cost healthcare and social services for all Māori, Pasifika and low-income communities across the Otago region.

Te Kāika Wellbeing Hub Dunedin

Te Kāika Ōamaru

Mō te Kāika

A holistic approach to care

Te Kāika is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for family wellbeing, providing a range of low-cost healthcare and free outreach social services. We are a kaupapa Māori organisation that support a broad section of the community, including Māori, Pasifika and low-income communities. 
Whānau Ora Whānau Oraka

A healthy family is a well family

Our team work alongside you and your whānau to provide support and enable positive outcomes. We aim to uphold the mana of everyone we work with by promoting connection, respecting your values and decisions, and encouraging independence and rakatirataka.
Two doctors standing in clinic room